The Silent Darshan of Mother Meera

The Darshan blessing, a bestowal of Love, Light and Grace, is offered to all, free of charge, independent of spiritual beliefs or affiliations. Darshan is Mother's gift to humanity.

While in the Darshan Hall, guests sit quietly, meditating and praying (eyes open or closed). Each person will have the opportunity to receive individual Darshan. Mother asks that guests stay for the entire Darshan, which usually lasts less than two hours. There is a special silent blessing at the end of Darshan for all in attendance, see video below.

Livestream of Mother's End-of-Darshan Blessing

Mother is kindly allowing the live-streaming of her end-of-Darshan blessing (when she sits for a few minutes after everyone has received Darshan). Every Sunday that Mother is in Germany they will stream the video live and people can watch it for free on their own individual computers, phones, or tablets. For more information, see: livestream-of-mothers-darshan. Check the calendar to see if Mother is giving Darshan at Schaumburg on Sunday. The starting time depends on the number of people receiving Darshan and is therefore not fixed. The evening Darshan at Schaumburg starts at 7 pm Central European Time (CET) and may end around 8 or 8:15 pm CET, depending on the number of visitors. The Livestream webpage ought to have current timing details. How to find the Livestream: go to the Mother Meera Livestream webpage. The link should take you to the Mother Meera page on livestream. If you do not see it, search for "Mother Meera", create a livestream user name and login. If you "follow" Mother Meera you will get information when the livestream starts. Feel free to share this information with your friends.

This is Mother Meera's collective blessing at the end of Darshan. After the last person has received personal Darshan, Mother sits with closed eyes for about 3 – 4 minutes in silence.

General Darshan information
Chairs are provided for all guests. Most guests kneel in front of Mother for their personal Darshan. If you cannot kneel at all, you will be seated in a special section and a volunteer will provide you with a chair for your personal Darshan.

Darshan is deeply intimate and at the same time expansive and universal. One connects with the Divine Mother and with one's own divinity. It is seeing and being seen. It is indescribable and must be experienced. The impact of Darshan can be life changing.

When you kneel in front of Mother, She holds your head. This is called Pranam and Mother is working at the soul level, untying knots of your karma. When Mother releases your head, She looks into your eyes. She says She is "looking into every corner of your being. I am looking at everything within you to see where I can help, where I can give healing and power. At the same time, I am giving Light to every part of your being, I am opening every part of your self to the Light." When Mother drops Her gaze, get up and go back to your seat.

Questions and Answers from Mother about Darshan

Question: How can we prepare ourselves to receive Darshan?

Mother Meera: There is nothing special to do. In Darshan one tries to sit silently with no thoughts. To do this one needs to be peaceful.

Question: You speak of sitting silently in Darshan, with no thoughts. But I often pray. Is this all right?

Mother Meera: Silence means to sit physically quiet and to pray to God for the Divine and to do japa. Silence is a calm mind. It is better to sit silently than to leave immediately after Darshan.

Question: Is there something special that we should try to do after Darshan? Is there a way to prolong the blessing received during Darshan?

Mother Meera: Be quiet. It is better not to rush out into another activity.

Question: How can I thank you for what you are giving me?

Mother Meera: You are receiving. That is thanks. That is a great thing.