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The work of the Divine Mother is the transformation of humanity into God, of time into eternity, of matter into Divine Matter. Her work is a work of transformation, and it has no end. Let the Transformation of the earth be accomplished.
Let her work be done.
Mother Meera Home Colorado

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Mother Meera's Darshan Schedule

Livestream of Mother's
End-of-Darshan Blessing

Have you been longing to see Mother and experience her Darshan? Whether you have seen Mother recently or it’s been many years — or maybe you’ve never seen her before — you can now experience her silent blessings in your own home, on some Sundays of every month. Mother is kindly allowing the live-streaming of her end-of-Darshan blessing (when she sits for a few minutes after everyone has received Darshan). Every Sunday that Mother is in Germany the video will be streamed live; anyone can watch it for free on their own individual computers, phones, or tablets. For more information, see the Darshan page. _______________________________________

Meditation for Children

Mother Meera has announced Children's Meditation Weekends at Mother's in Balduinstein, Germany! Children from babies to 12 years are invited to attend these special programs, which will be held on Saturday and Sunday when Mother is in Germany. For dates and other details, click here:


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Mother Meera Home Colorado
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Boulder, CO 80307-3453

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Monthly Meditations

Dear Meditators,
All are welcome to join our monthly meditation on the third Sunday of each month at 5 pm in a home in Denver. Please email for directions and plan to arrive between 4:45 - 5 pm. The silent meditation lasts for 45 minutes. Mother Meera is not physically present at these meditations. 

If you wish to be notified of our monthly meditations, please email us at: 

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