Please note: Mother is aware of the war in Ukraine. She said we can just pray and that she is helping.

In-Person Meditations with Mother Meera starting 1/1/2023

Starting January 1st 2023, Mother Meera is holding in-person meditations in Schaumburg, Germany. Please book your reservations here.

Best Wishes from Mother Meera

Please enjoy this message from Mother Meera: https://www.mothermeera.com/bestwishes/

Daily Meditations with Mother Wherever You Are

Beginning Friday March 13th 2020, Mother Meera will hold meditations every day on YouTube Live at 7pm Central European Time (1pm Eastern Time). If you are not able to connect at the time of the meditation, recordings are available. You can subscribe to the Mother Meera Live YouTube channel to receive email notifications of upcoming broadcasts and when the meditation is starting.

Don’t be afraid, keep calm and pray.
– Mother Meera

Free Audiobook of Answers 1

NEW!! Thirty years ago, Mother Meera’s devotees published her first book of questions and answers. We are celebrating the anniversary of Answers by offering a free audiobook of it (read by an American devotee). You can hear it on youtube:
Segment 1: https://youtu.be/yOeV0nmycws
Segment 2: https://youtu.be/0K0EKcZ8Byg
Segment 3: https://youtu.be/1oXYdZBuFVc
Segment 4: https://youtu.be/aDsk88OPxbk

Or you can download the complete audiobook from our bookstore here: https://mother-meera-bookstore-usa.myshopify.com/collections/books/products/audiobook-of-answers-part-1

Message from Mother, April 5th, 2021

Dear Volunteers and Devotees, the last Darshans were held at Schaumburg on March 8, and in Munich on March 10, 2020.

Giving Darshans in cities and countries, and traveling.

All was so extraordinarily well arranged by volunteers everywhere. Everything was extremely well done: the long and short drivings from Darshan Hall to Darshan Hall, from hotel to hotel, home to home, and airport to airport; your devotion, happy smiles and joyful faces; your good services and your cooking good food for me; your singing. Now I am missing all of you.

This year 2021, I am not expecting to give Darshans in Schaumburg nor to travel. But I am there with you every day in the online Meditation “Wherever you are”.

Many people are asking about vaccinations. My opinion is better to take it, but the decision is up to you. People I know who have already received the vaccination are doing well.

Answers for these times

Many people have questions for the Divine right now, regarding the coronavirus, its relationship to the Earth, and how to deal with the fear they’re feeling. A small group of volunteers had a chance to ask Mother some of the most pressing questions. The result are beautiful online flipbooks, Volume 1 and Volume 2, with Mother’s calming and profound answers to these questions, as well as beautiful new photos of her.

Mother has once again blessed us with beautiful and compassionate answers to our questions, you can find the new flipbook here.

Mother’s answer for help requests: after writing an email or a message to Mother, you can relax. The Divine blessing and help comes as an immediate response to your intense prayer. There is no need for an email or external answer from Mother.

Mother’s Darshan Tours are Postponed

Due to ongoing concerns about the coronavirus, Mother Meera’s darshan tours have been postponed. Information about a rescheduled tour will be announced via email and text, and will be posted on this website. Please sign up for emails and/or texts to receive these future tour announcements.


Mother Meera, an incarnation of the Divine Mother, was born in South India on December 26, 1960.  She lives in a small village in Germany and travels throughout the world offering darshan, a silent blessing of light and love, free of charge.  She welcomes people of all beliefs, from all walks of life.  Silent yet profound, Mother’s message is gentle and powerful: “If you need my help, I will help you.” The Mother Meera Foundation USA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and was created by Mother Meera to expand her presence in the United States.  The mission of Mother Meera and Mother Meera Foundation USA is to help humanity.  We hope you enjoy learning more about Mother Meera, darshan and how you can get involved.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Darshan Schedule

Receive Texts

Sign up for text notifications to stay connected to Mother Meera throughout the year.  You can receive texts about USA darshan tours and we can also alert you to Mother’s whereabouts and work, send updates on her school in India, share recent photos and announce new items in the Bookstore.

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Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to support Mother’s work.  Volunteer opportunities range from extended stays in India, to serving at your local darshan, to at–home data entry.  Learn more about ways to volunteer.

Mother Meera’s Schools in India

The Mother Meera Ashram and its associated Vidyalaya (group of schools) and Saranalayam (sanctuary) is well established in Madanapalle and continues to flourish – over 1,000 students are now enrolled!  Volunteers are always needed to support existing operations and continued growth.  Learn more about Mother Meera’s schools in India, and please enjoy the video featuring the schools below.


Meditation for Children in Germany

Mother Meera offers Children’s Meditation Weekends every Saturday and Sunday when she is in Germany.  During these special programs, children are able to spend time with Mother, and participate in activities such as meditation, singing, yoga, writing stories, storytelling and art projects.  The programs are organized by the Mother Meera Foundation in Balduinstein, Germany.  For dates and other details, visit the Children’s Meditation page on www.mothermeera.com.