Mother Meera, an incarnation of the Divine Mother, was born in South India on December 26, 1960.  She lives in a small village in Germany and travels throughout the world offering darshan, a silent blessing of light and love, free of charge.  She welcomes people of all beliefs, from all walks of life.  Silent yet profound, Mother’s message is gentle and powerful: “If you need my help, I will help you.”

The Mother Meera Foundation USA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and was created by Mother Meera to expand her presence in the United States.  The mission of Mother Meera and Mother Meera Foundation USA is to help humanity.  We hope you enjoy learning more about Mother Meera, darshan and how you can get involved.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Meditations with Mother Meera

Starting January 1st 2023, Mother Meera is holding in-person meditations in Schaumburg, Germany. Please book your reservations here.

Daily Meditations with Mother Wherever You Are

Beginning Friday March 13th 2020, Mother Meera will hold meditations every day on YouTube Live at 7pm Central European Time (1pm Eastern Time). If you are not able to connect at the time of the meditation, you can tune in any time for the recorded session. If you subscribe to the Mother Meera Live YouTube channel, you will receive email notifications of upcoming broadcasts and when the meditation is starting.

My Life With Mother

We are excited to announce that Mother Meera Foundation USA has launched its own YouTube channel! The first video available on our channel is a very special recent (January 2024) interview with Mother’s long-time secretary, Adilakshmi. Adilakshmi has lived with Mother for 50 years and knows Mother in ways that no one else does. She put together Mother’s early books. We hope you will enjoy the new channel!

Questions That People Commonly Ask Mother

What is the difference between meditation online and meditation in person with you? Should I sit at home to watch meditation or come and sit in person with you?
Mother Meera: There is a lot of difference between sitting at home watching meditation and coming to group meditation with me. They feel different—we cannot compare them. When you are thinking about coming here, your concentration is already preparing for meditation. By the time you arrive, you are focused on the Divine. When you come into the meditation hall, you will notice a difference. The silence is alive. When meditation begins, I look directly at each person in the hall. When you sit in the hall with me, you can merge with the Divine, with your Guru. You can sink deeply into the silence, into the light, into the love.
Of course, you do not have to come to meditation in person. Some people like to stay home, they don’t want to travel, and that is ok. But if you have the opportunity, you can come and feel for yourself the difference. Everybody will experience it differently.

What is the difference between in-person meditation and darshan?
Mother Meera: When you come to darshan, that is individual, it is personal. Meditation is more focused on the group, while in darshan more time is spent with each person, and there is time to work on the soul level and the level of the personality. When people receive the touch, they feel the power of the Divine more strongly, and they feel the blessing more concretely.

When will you start giving darshan again?
Mother Meera: In 2024 I will start to travel to give group meditations. I will see how the situation goes, and if possible, I will also start giving darshan this year.

Mother, when we watch meditation while you are in Germany, we are happy. But when we watch meditation while you are in India, we are concerned about you, and we feel sad. You do not look well during meditations in India. We feel a big difference between when you are in Germany and when you are in India. Can you help us to understand?
Mother Meera: In India each time I have a lot to finish before I go back to Germany. I don’t have much time to rest, the body gets tired, and sometimes I get sick.
But don’t worry about me. When I come back to Germany I can rest and become well again.

Mother, why do you go to India if you get tired and sick there?
Mother Meera: I started a school there, and I am responsible for it. The school provides a very important service to the children of the area. I must continue to go until someone else takes responsibility for it. If someone steps forward and takes responsibility for the school, I will be with them and can give guidance to them, and they can always ask me for help. I will still visit regularly, but then it will be easier for me.

The purpose of the school is to provide a good academic education, with help from western volunteers and Indian teachers. The school also teaches important life skills, and crucial inner values such as discipline, respect for others, independence (which means that the children should not depend on others and should do their own things themselves), cooperation with others, maintaining silence, keeping their surroundings clean, and maintaining order. Each class period begins with a short meditation and prayer. You can reach us at this address: volunteers@mothermeera.school

Darshan Schedule

Information about a darshan tour will be announced via email and text, and will be posted on this website. Please sign up for emails and/or texts to receive these future tour announcements.

Inspiration and Information via Text

To receive weekly inspirational texts and darshan tour updates, text MEERA to 877 566 3372. To receive darshan tour updates only, text MMTOURS to 877 566 3372.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to support Mother’s work.  Volunteer opportunities range from extended stays in India, to serving at your local darshan, to at–home data entry.  Learn more about ways to volunteer.

Mother Meera’s Schools in India

Mother Meera’s schools are now well established in Madanapalle and continue to flourish – over 1,000 students are now enrolled!  Volunteers are always needed to support existing operations and continued growth.  Learn more about Mother Meera’s schools in India, and please enjoy the video featuring the schools below.


For additional announcements, updates, and to read messages from Mother, please visit our blog.