I am giving darshan always, everywhere.
– Mother Meera

Mother Meera’s Friday and Sunday blessings in Germany are transmitted via Livestream so that people from around the world can view and receive these blessings.  Please see the schedule to view the dates when Mother will be in Germany.

The Friday blessing is Mother’s silent meditation, where she sits in silence for about 30 minutes, and the whole group receives a blessing from their seat.

The Sunday blessing is the end-of-Darshan blessing that lasts for a few minutes.

To access these live or recorded blessings, please visit Mother Meera on Livestream.  

If you would like to be notified about upcoming transmissions, you can click “Follow” on the Livestream site and create a user account (separate from your darshan reservation account). Then you will receive an email when a new event is announced and again when the live video starts.