Asking for Help

Make it a habit to ask the Divine for everything.
– Mother Meera

Mother Meera answers prayers.  You do not need to be in Mother’s physical presence to receive her help or her Darshan.  With sincere longing, you may receive her help or her Darshan wherever you are.  Mother says "my help and blessings are possible even at a distance."

If you wish to receive Mother’s help, she recommends doing japa.  She says only through doing japa do we have constant inner contact with Her.  Japa is the repetition of the name of the Divine.  You can say Mother Meera, or use another name of the Divine that feels right to you.

Mother also recommends that we offer everything to God, the pure and the impure.  What we offer to the Divine will be accepted and changed.  This also helps us to always think of God.

We can say that we are offering something to God in whatever way we want – by using words or by just feeling it.  If we want to offer something good, we can simply thank God for it.  With negative things, we can offer them to God and ask God to take them away.   – Mother Meera

It is deeply moving to see how Mother helps.  Sometimes, people receive her help immediately.  People ask for Mother’s help not only for themselves, friends and relatives but for their pets, too.  It is a blessing to know and feel Mother’s help and to see how people are freed from their suffering.  Their gratitude to Mother is expressed in many ways.

To ask for help from Mother you can ask inwardly, write a letter, or send a fax.  Please note that Mother does not send written answers.

Postal Address:
Mother Meera
Oberdorf 4a
65599 Dornburg – Thalheim

Fax number: 011–49–6436–2361

Q:  What is the importance of asking the Divine for something?

MM:  If you want anything – love, truth, or courage, for example – you must ask for it.  If you ask God for anything humbly and lovingly, you will receive it.  But you must ask with your whole heart,  so that your heart can be empty and God can fill it.   If there is any pride in it, he cannot fill it as much.  God wants to give you everything; you must learn how to let him.  For this you need surrender.  The reward of surrender is bliss and knowledge.

Q: What should I ask you for?

MM: Ask for everything – like a child asks its mother for everything, without shame.  Do not stop at peace of mind or purity of heart or surrender.  Demand everything.  Don’t be satisfied with anything less than everything.  If you ask, you will receive.  If you receive, you will have to bear.

Q:  I heard through my friend that you help people who are in need.  Is it true?

MM:  Yes.

Q:  When we are having problems, does writing to you help? Is praying enough?

MM:  Those devotees with much heart always want to write, whatever the problem.  They always turn to the Mother.  Some other devotees, with much mind, do not want to write because they are afraid of my having a record of their problems, which they want to keep hidden.  In general, people should write with their problems, and then they will get direct help.  Though some people can receive answers directly through prayer, the prayers of many others may not be deeply sincere and thus they do not receive help so quickly.  Many people delay in writing about their problems, but when they finally do write and mail their letters, they may get an answer immediately, long before I receive the letter.  Each person must decide for himself or herself whether or not to write.

Q:  When someone asks for your help you simply say "Yes".  How do you help them?

MM:  There are different lights which serve different purposes.  I send whichever Light is needed.

Q:  How does the Divine Grace intervene?

MM:  The Divine grace intervenes and often alters a given situation but many times it is neither possible nor desireable to eliminate karma completely.  Grace can modify some of its effects.

Q:  I would like to promote you in my circle of friends.

MM:  No publicity.  If your friends in your circle are in need of help, if they have problems, then you can talk to them.  They will get help.  Their faith itself will increase.

Q:  I am in great agony and sometimes I love you and sometimes not.  Can you help me?

MM:  No matter if you love me or not, if you need the help, I will help you.  The help does not depend on any condition.

"I do not speak but my force changes people completely.  The power of the Divine works in silence and will change things according to your aim and what you ask for.  Sometimes I can give immediately what you have requested.  Sometimes it takes time."
– Mother Meera, Mother’s Grace