Inner Contact

Wherever you are, if your aspiration is sincere, I shall be with you.
– Mother Meera

Excerpts from Answers Part 1:

Q:  What should we do to receive your Light and help when you are not with us physically?  How can we find the constant inner contact with you?  What should we do to progress in our practice, our sadhana?  Do you expect anything from those who put in your hands the direction of their life and their sadhana?

MM:  Concerning sadhana, you must do japa when you want to receive my Light and help when I am not physically with you.  Only through japa do you have constant inner contact with me.  If you want to make any progress in the sadhana, you must practice japa.  This is the easy way to remember the Divine.  I do not expect anything from any human beings, but when they are sincere and serious in their sadhana, it gives me happiness.

Q:  Most people who come to you see you only in Darshan.  What is the best relationship that they can then develop with you?

MM:  The best way to be near me is to remember me.  Similarly, to remember the Divine brings the presence.  Love, sincerity and aspiration connect us to the Divine.

Q:  Although I live far away from you, yet I feel your presence strongly and concretely.  Is it true or simply imagination?

MM:  It is true.  Those who have real aspiration for the Divine, wherever they may be in the world, will receive my help and my Light.  As a result, their realization will go faster.

Q:  During the day, when we feel the pressure of your presence – in the heart chakra or the head, for example – should we stop what we are doing and pay immediate attention to it?

MM:  The presence comes and goes by itself.  If possible you can stop your activity to concentrate on it, but whether or not you pay attention to it, it will do as it will.  You can aspire for it to come more often.

Q:  Could you describe the relation of your mind to that of the devotee?

MM:  When the devotee has doubts, I give light to the mind to see things clearly.  This is an ordinary and simple thing for me to do.  It is not that I read his or her mind, but when something is not clear, I will make it clearer.

Q:  How do you know the condition of a person at some distance away?

MM:  I see.

Q:  Is a photo of Mother useful?

Adilakshmi:  Yes, the picture of Mother is not simply a picture.  Part of the Divine is there.  Mother’s power is there.  You are actually seeing Mother when you look at the picture.

Q:  What is the best way to communicate with you?

MM:  The soul connection is best, it is best to feel it inside – but you can also write.

Q:  How best can we follow your inner teachings?

MM:  When you become aware that there is something you need to understand, ask me inwardly, quite simply, with love and surrender, and I will teach it to you.

Q:  I feel that you are ripening me, inspiring everything in my development. Is it so?

MM:  You are letting it happen.  That is a great thing.  I can give everything but you must want everything.  I can give many things even before you know you want them, but when you know it is quicker and more joyful.

Q:  I want to devote my life to you, Mother Meera!

MM:  It is not necessary to devote or believe in me. If you are sincere to your guru, master, God, Absolute or to the Divine, it is enough and I will strengthen your faith.  Finally, if you believe in God, that is enough for me.  I suggest that you do your job and your duties wholeheartedly and joyfully and bring peace and happiness in your family and in your surroundings; do Japa, the chanting or repeating of the name of God (or whatever you believe in), and ask for whatever you want.

If you need me or my help I will help you, whatever path you may follow.  For me there is no difference.  All paths lead to the same goal, that is, to realize the Divine.