Darshan Details

Everything comes out of silence.  In silence more work can be done.  The true experience of bliss is without words.
– Mother Meera

Coming and Going

– When you enter the darshan hall, a volunteer will help you find a seat.  After you are shown to your seat, please put your shoes and belongings under your chair.

– It is recommended that guests stay until the end of the darshan.  Mother sits at the end for several minutes with us in deep silence.  This is a wonderful experience.

– If you need to leave early, please let us know when you come in so you can be seated in an appropriate area.  Please leave as quietly as possible.

– Please come with clean, washed hair and dress in normal, comfortable clothes.  The temperature in the darshan hall is cool, so please dress accordingly.

– Please do not bring flowers, gifts or edibles for Mother.

Darshan Procedure

– People will be called to darshan row-by-row, starting from the front

– There is a line in the middle aisle and a shorter line on the stage

– Keep your eyes open when in line

– As soon as the stage has a place free, move from the middle aisle to the stage line

– When lining up, be aware and always keep moving forward as much as space allows

Your Personal Darshan

– As soon as the place in front of Mother is free, move there and lower your head, so that Mother can reach your head with ease

– When Mother lets go of your head, lift up your head and look into her eyes.  When Mother lowers her eyes, your personal darshan is finished.

– Stand up immediately – you can use the wooden box for support – and take the shortest route back to your seat

– If it is physically difficult for you to sit or kneel in the middle aisle, you can walk directly to the stage line and if necessary, keep standing while waiting there

– If you cannot kneel in front of Mother, you can receive darshan sitting in a chair.  Please talk to a volunteer when you come into the hall if you will need a chair.

Darshan takes place in total silence.  We can all help to make this a pleasant experience for everyone by following these guidelines:


  • cell phones are turned off
  • no talking or whispering in the hall
  • no photos or video recordings (however there may be authorized people taking photographs and videos of Mother during darshan)
  • no standing in the darshan hall
  • every person can only go once to darshan
  • finally, please don’t cross your legs if you are sitting in the front row

Thank you!