There is great joy for the mind in following the spirit.
-Mother Meera

The online Mother Meera Bookstore offers books with Mother Meera’s teachings and special items to enhance your practice, such as photos of Mother, malas, music and incense.  All items have been blessed by Mother Meera.  Your purchases help support Mother’s work in the US.

These items are also sold outside the darshan hall where Mother gives darshan.  Please see the schedule for a list of darshan dates and locations.

Please enjoy this sample of the books currently available, with excerpts from the introductions:

Answers Part 1

Answers Part I is at once Mother Meera’s own answers to the questions devotees have put to her over many years concerning her identity, her work, and her way, and an account of the working of the Divine Mother in the world.  The questions and answers were collected by Adilakshmi, Mother Meera’s secretary and devotee, as well as other devotees.  Adilakshmi interjected some wonderful comments that have been retained in this book.


Answers Part 2

In Answers Part II we see her full awareness of the world, her understanding of the difficulties and sufferings and most practical solutions for the problems of everyday life, of different relationships, family life, work and also the spiritual life.  We see her love for humanity, her intense interest in the material and worldly welfare of people.  Her compassion is as vast as the ocean and she is so humble.


Mother’s Grace

Mother does not teach a path, she directs our souls to change us.  What follows is a collection of individual experiences from devotees around the world as well as comments from Mother Meera herself collected during conversations on various occasions, at home and while traveling abroad to give darshan.


Bringing Down the Light

The radiant paintings in this book are watercolor depictions by Mother Meera of the after-death states.  Painted after the death of her close devotee and uncle, Mr. Reddy, they record her direct perception of the subtle realms through which we all will eventually travel.  They stand as a uniquely authoritative document that demonstrates that the soul of the seeker can expect the loving protection and guidance of the Divine Mother in death, as in life.


108, Mother Meera on Tour

“Not everybody can come to Germany”.  This was Mother Meera’s gracious response when asked why she started traveling to give Darshan.  Since then Mother has travelled to many different cities, countries and continents, reaching out to give her silent bestowal of light and grace to people all over the world.  This book commemorates her gift of Darshan reaching 108 different locations, and offers photos and pearls of wisdom from those travels.