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Thirty years ago, Mother Meera’s devotees published her first book of questions and answers. We are celebrating the anniversary of Answers by offering a free audiobook of it (read by an American devotee). You can hear it on youtube:
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Or you can download the complete audiobook from our bookstore here:

Message from Mother, April 5th, 2021

Dear Volunteers and Devotees, the last Darshans were held at Schaumburg on March 8, and in Munich on March 10, 2020.

Giving Darshans in cities and countries, and traveling.

All was so extraordinarily well arranged by volunteers everywhere. Everything was extremely well done: the long and short drivings from Darshan Hall to Darshan Hall, from hotel to hotel, home to home, and airport to airport; your devotion, happy smiles and joyful faces; your good services and your cooking good food for me; your singing. Now I am missing all of you.

This year 2021, I am not expecting to give Darshans in Schaumburg nor to travel. But I am there with you every day in the online Meditation “Wherever you are”.

Many people are asking about vaccinations. My opinion is better to take it, but the decision is up to you. People I know who have already received the vaccination are doing well.

During the pandemic, Answers for These Times

During the pandemic, many people have questions for the Divine, regarding the coronavirus, its relationship to the Earth, and how to deal with the fear they’re feeling. A small group of volunteers had a chance to ask Mother some of the most pressing questions. The result are beautiful online flipbooks, Volume 1 and Volume 2, and a 3rd flipbook with Mother’s calming and profound answers to these questions, as well as beautiful new photos of her.

Mother has once again blessed us with beautiful and compassionate answers to our questions, you can find the new flipbook .

Mother’s answer for help requests: after writing an email or a message to Mother, you can relax. The Divine blessing and help comes as an immediate response to your intense prayer. There is no need for an email or external answer from Mother.

I have a strong feeling that You played a part in helping me

Dearest Mother Meera,

I hope You are keeping well. This letter is to express my deepest gratitude to You for helping me to overcome a major problem in my life.

It was only towards the end of January that I first became aware of You. I was so curious to find out more about You that I read the book “Mother Meera”. I have been really inspired by the work You have been doing and I hope that my wife and I get the opportunity to come for Your darshan in Germany in the near future.

Mother, I was without a job for several months and therefore called upon Your help once I finished reading the book. Within a month of calling You, I have found a suitable position and I am very, very grateful to You because I have a strong feeling that You played a part in helping me to secure this job.

I remember You every day and my wife and I feel very close to You even though we have never met You in person. We ask You to be with us in our daily lives, love us and be there for us when we need You. We also hope that You can guide us through our spiritual lives and ensure that we remain close to You in eternity.

Mother, thank You once again. We look forward to seeing You one day.

With lots of love.

Dear Mother, this is the first letter I’m writing to you.

Dear Mother,

This is the first letter I’m writing to you.

Unfortunately I could only attend your Darshan twice. Nevertheless, through everything I have read about you and in the book “Answers”, I feel inspired to ask You for help. Thanks for that. I started to write this letter a few weeks ago and realize now that I have already received help for many of the things I wanted to ask You! I thank You so much for that!

What a great opportunity…

What a great opportunity for anyone in the area. The future will record the silent and powerful work she has been doing for years under the radar. The great ones don’t need praise they are here to do Divine work. They could care less if you like them or not, agree with them or not, support them or not, all they care about is the work they have been given to perform by the Divine Creator.

Our daughter age 6 attended the Santa Fe Darshan Oct 14th, 2019

Our daughter age 6 attended the Santa Fe Darshan Oct 14th, 2019.
The next night she dreamed of having Darshan in the exact same place in the same way she received Darshan at the El Dorado Hotel but in her dream after Darshan Mother Meera hugged her. She asked me repeatedly to write this experience to Mother Meera. She says that she loves Mother Meera and calls Her “Meera Maa”
Our entire family has been transformed by Mother Meera, Thank You Mother, We bow in devotion to the Divine, in service of the Divine.

I recently meet Mother Meera for the first time…

I recently meet Mother Meera for the first time in Chicago. I came to know of her a few years back when one of her books appeared in my life. I was captured by her eyes and smile and felt there was something very special about her. I prayed to her many, many times over the last few years and longed to meet her but was never able to travel to Germany. Much relief came to me from the many prayers to her for some enormous challenges in my life. I was so happy to finally get to meet her in the U.S.

My experience with her in Chicago was wonderful. It was so peaceful and serene. I closed my eyes and meditated while she gave individual blessing and darshan to the audience. I felt as if I was separating from my body. I felt so light, so very, very quiet inside and felt as if there was a little more time, I would leave my body altogether. It was a profound stillness that felt amazing. I wish I could have gone further with the experience.

The second experience I had, was as she was exiting the room, I suddenly heard the vina playing. It was so subtle and soft but clearly there. I turned and asked my husband if he could hear it. He could not. It was quite unexpected but so beautiful. I felt as if heaven was singing.
My meditation was particularly good for the few days after being in her presence.
Hope I can meditate at her feet again.

Thank you Dear Mother Meera for sharing your love and grace with me.
I am so undeserving but so, so grateful.